I participate with the Child and Adult Food Program. Nutritious meals are served at no extra cost to you. You are responsible for feeding your child if he/she will arrive at the child care after beginning of a mealtime. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our meal times vary according to seasonal schedules. Please see me if you are unsure about current times. Infants are always fed on demand.

Except for special occasions and when requested, please do not send food, drinks (this includes a morning sippy cup), or candy with your child. If food or drink is brought in, it will be disposed of.

Children are offered a variety of foods but are not forced to eat. I do encourage each child to try one or two bites of everything, and they must eat a little of everything before given seconds of anything. Sometimes they are surprised by what they like! If a child refuses to eat their meal, there will be no food served until the next designated meal/snack time.

I will not administer a modified diet to your child.